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Our Allergen Calculator (As Seen On Youtube)

If you are one of our customers who purchase our finished products, then this post will probably be at best confusing and at worst, downright boring! Some of you know that we create videos on Youtube and some of you will not know this. If you weren't aware of this and would like to watch us in action, then you can by clicking here!

The aim of our videos has always been to help and inspire other soap makers and to teach people who are new to soaping what it is all about and to encourage them to develop their skills. We did face a certain level of confusion and doubt from people when we announced we were going to develop a Youtube channel of this nature, mainly from well meaning friends and family who were concerned about what impact setting up a channel like this would have on our own sales levels!

However, I have a desire to help people and wanted to create a channel that focused on all aspects of soap making and selling and I wanted to give people the kind of information that I wanted when I was just starting out! I was also confident that it wouldn't affect our sales too badly as I know from experience that knowing how to make bath and body products certainly does not stop you from treating yourself to something that someone else has created once in a while! After a year on Youtube we have actually found that sales have increased as people who have watched our videos have also (in some cases) decided to purchase from us as well, so I guess you could call that Karma!

So, moving on to the real point of today's blog post! If you are on this page, it is highly likely that you have viewed our video on Youtube on how to calculate allergens in your products and are hoping to download a copy of the allergen calculator that we included in our video. So, without further ado, here it is!

Our allergen calculator for Rinse Off products can be downloaded here:

Download • 12KB

Our allergen calculator for Leave On products can be downloaded here:

Download • 12KB

Any cells that you will not need to edit have been locked for editing, purely so that numbers and formulas cannot be changed or deleted in error and if you aren't sure on how to use this calculator then do watch our video explaining it all on Youtube (and please do feel free to subscribe to us if you aren't already!)

We really do hope that this can help some of you out there who are formulating products to sell as the soaping market is a big one and we honestly feel that there is room for everyone. Good luck with your own soapy journey and enjoy making your products!

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