A note on our bath bomb packaging


When you receive your bath bomb, you may be surprised to see that it appears to be wrapped in plastic shrink wrap, which is very much against our own ethics. Please don't panic! We are using Biolefin, fully biodegradable and compostable, eco friendly shrink film. This film can be composted or added to your normal household waste and it will fully biodegrade in approximately 3 years. It biodegrades down into Oxygen, CO2 and biomass and does NOT biodegrade into microplastics. It is necessary for us to use a film to wrap our bath bombs as bath bombs are incredibly sensitive to humidity. There is a chance that if we did not wrap them in this way that they could partially activate before you receive or use them and you would receive a sub-standard product. We obviously don't want this to happen and so we feel that the Biolefin offers a happy medium between supporting our eco-friendly values and ensuring that you receive your products in perfect condition.