Turmeric has long been known as something of a "super plant" and has been used in India as a medicinal herb for thousands of years. Its popularity in the Western world is growing as more and more people become aware of its proven medicinal benefits, such as fantastic anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.


Now, we don't want to confuse or misinform you here, so to be clear, using our Turmeric soap will not offer the same benefits as taking it as a dietary supplement or ingesting it. However, it is a natural ingredient and it does add a very subtle, yet unique scent to the soap. It also tints each bar a very attractive pale orange colour and it is certainly better for your skin than many man-made, chemical ingredients. 


As Turmeric produces such a subtle scent, we have added a hint of Lemongrass essential oil to these soaps too. It blends fantastically well with the Turmeric and creates a very appealing finished scent.


This soap is sold cut into bars and wrapped in our plastic free packaging. Due to the handmade nature of our items, the weight can vary slightly but each bar will weigh at least 120g.


This soap should be used within 6 months of opening.


This soap is for external use only and care should be taken to avoid contact with eyes.

Turmeric Soap

  • Sodium Olivate (saponified olive oil), Sodium Cocoate (saponified coconut oil), Sodium Almondate (saponified sweet almond oil), Sodium Shea Butterate (saponified shea butter), Sodium Castorate (saponified castor oil), Sodium Cocoa Butterate (saponified cocoa butter), Aqua, Curcuma Longa (turmeric) Root Powder, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (lemongrass) Essential Oil, Citrus Grandis (grapefruit) Seed Extract, Citral, Geraniol, Linalool, Citronellol, Limonene

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